Usability Testing: A Brief Overview

User Experience research is a necessary component in the user interface design process. Arguably more important than the design itself is how comfortable the user is interacting with what you’ve built. User experience research can take many forms depending on what stage your project is at, including discovering a product or service people need, exploring […]

Zero-Click Searches on the Rise: Google Searches Over Time

Zero-click searches are on the rise and have been for some time, recently clocking in at over 50% of searches on Google. So this is it; the end of search, again. We watch in despair as the holy grail, the click-through, the consumption of content, recedes further from our grasp. Or do we? We’ve heard […]

Basic Local SEO Tips for Your Google My Business Page

Local SEO has a number of tasks that need attention at the onset of your campaign in order to prevent future busy work. Chief among the tasks is reviewing the consistency of your pertinent business information in Google My Business/Maps. Google My Business and other prominent directories are often scraped and crawled by other services […]

What is SEMrush and How Can it be Used for Keyword Analysis?

What is SEMrush?  SEMrush is an online tool marketers can utilize to understand important aspects about how users find their website and valuable keyword analysis. Utilizing their organic research tool to analyze TAG NW’s web traffic (, we can see the useful metrics SEMrush provides. SEMrush organizes the key search terms that can bring users […]