Dev Solutions: Highly Scalable Image Hosting

While working with a client we ran into a situation where we needed to host thousands of high quality images. The images ranged in size from thumbnail to high definition requiring a total storage size of around 200GB. It was also necessary that this storage be expandable as the amount of images would increase over […]

Siterunner: Digital Marketing Health Monitor

At some point in your career as a Digital Marketer, you are going to run into losses of pertinent marketing data due to forces outside of your control. Your host is going to go down. A developer will turn off a plugin propagating your Google Tag Manager. Maybe a WordPress update will kill a few […]

How to Store Contact Form Fills in Google Sheets

Here’s a quick way to connect your WordPress contact forms to a Google Sheet so you can have an easily accessible storage history of form submissions. Finding a form that works with your site and “does it all” at a reasonable cost limits your choices significantly. This is not a solution for everyone.  In this […]

Learning The Web (Bit by Bit)

Let’s face it, the infrastructure necessary to stand up a website can seem quite intimidating. There tends to be a lot happening behind the scenes. To streamline this process for customers, hosting providers are now doing their best to bundle services together. They try to hide technical details, or incorporate confusing and proprietary nomenclature into […]

Top Ten Methods to Tank Your Website

Experts say the most efficient way to keep your website hidden from the world is to simply build a stock site, sit back, and wait for users to never find you. Fortunately, we’re here to provide some insider tips for the real go-getters proactively seeking to snuff out their web traffic before they can be found.  […]