How to Set up Google Ads Conversion Tracking in Shopify

clicking products on shopify with conversion tracking

Setting up simple conversion tracking for Google Ads in Shopify will provide you with useful analytics, and only takes a few minutes to set up. Here’s a quick summary of the steps:

  • Install Google Analytics Shopify
  • Enable “Enhanced Ecommerce” in Shopify
  • Enable “Enhanced Ecommerce” in Google Analytics
  • Link the Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts
  • Import Google Analytics transactions in Google Ads

Before you get started, make sure you have access to:

  • Shopify
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics

How To Set Up Conversion Tracking in GA:

Google Analytics

  • Login to Google Analytics
  • Click Admin in the bottom left hand corner
  • Under All Web Site Data, select Ecommerce Settings
Google Analytics eCommerce settings
  • Switch the Enable Ecommerce settings from Off to On. Do the same for Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting
Shopify Enable Ecommerce and Enable Ecommerce Reporting
  • Click Save
  • Select Goals under All Web Site Data
  • Select +New Goal to track purchase completions, appointments, etc. and select Continue
  • Enter a name, select the goal type, and Continue
  • Complete the goal details and select Save
  • Under Property, select Tracking Info / Tracking Code
  • Copy the Tracking ID e.g. “UA-12345678-9”


  • Login to Shopify
  • Go to Online Store / Preferences
  • Paste your copied Google Analytics UA code
  • Check the “Use Enhanced Ecommerce” box
Google Analytic Account enhanced ecommerce button
  • Click save

Google Ads

  • Login to Google Ads
  • From the top menu, select TOOLS & SETTINGS and then Linked accounts
Add linked account to Google Ads
  • Under Google Analytics, click Details
  • Find the relevant Google Analytics property (there may be multiple associated if you have multiple accounts) and click LINK – for most cases you can flip both Link and Import site metrics for the All Web Site Data view and Save
  • Back in TOOLS & SETTINGS, under MEASUREMENT, select Conversions
  • Click the blue + symbol to add a new conversion
  • Select Import / Google Analytics / Continue
  • Select Transactions (All Web Site Data) and any other relevant goals

You’re done!

After completing this step, the tracking status will probably remain in “No recent conversions” until a valid conversion comes through one of your ads. Conversions should be tracked along with the value of the purchase. Click here if you need help adding Google Tag Manager to a Shopify checkout page.